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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another night hangin on the net

Growing up in the digital age is really tough. Not like when I was a kid, and things were simple.

This got me thinking that there's no car since gas and insurance, or crawling the mall with no scratch. So as a born again digital youth. . . our crew are at our respective homes with broadband, IM, Skype, webcam, mobile and GPS all lit up . . .

- lets turn out the lights, load bittorrent and go steal some music together

- put on the our headphones and go cruzin Google maps, at max rez baby

- we all load /graffiti and go wilding on each others wall

- someone’s IP gets reset and we go Waldo on them

- of course the answer is pointing boxee toward Hulu and watching bars and slates.

Obviously my 314 from the last post reflects a Ritalin downswing.


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