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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The new generation in media

In case you are later to this party than I am, George F. Will, on
Sunday, April 24, 2005, wrote an interesting article in the Washington Post regarding the demise of newspapers, but also of journalism. Read the whole article here:

What jumped out at me was this article which sums up the new generation in a fashion similar to my first blog posting.

"The young are voracious consumers of media, but not of journalism. Sixty-eight percent of children 8 to 18 have televisions in their rooms; 33 percent have computers. And if they could have only one entertainment medium, a third would choose the computer, a quarter would choose television. They carry their media around with them: 79 percent of young people ages 8 to 18 have portable CD, tape or MP3 players. Fifty-five percent have hand-held video game players. Sony's PlayStation Portable, which plays music, games and movies, sold more than 500,000 units in the first two days after its March debut."

My oldest son, William, exactly typifies this sentiment. What I find interesting is the fact he is just now learning how to read and write. Oddly, one of the most effective writing and reading tools has been Google.


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There was also an interesting piece in this morning's ad age blast by the CEO of Tacoda on this subject. Martin Sorel claims the internet is just another medium. Dave Morgan diagrees, correctly:

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