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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Feel Wheel is up!

7 years ago at the peak of the first internet bubble, I agreed with common wisdom that everything would eventually migrate to the web, and wanted to find the next big thing.

I started thinking: so what really matters, and what does everyone do? Among the dozens of possibilities, one idea seemed too simple, too obvious. (that's why 7 years have passed)

What's up? How are you feeling today?

Some people shorten it to Yo! and others to wassup? We all say it, to everyone we greet. . . family & friends, at work, to total strangers. Beyond the social graces, maybe we ought to care about the answer. went live to little fanfare on May 25, 2007.

Please visit. Tell us how you are feeling. We care and will report the answers in total and using some interesting graphs to show different groups of people.

Please share it with your friends. Vote early. Vote often.


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